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The Classic

Do you ache for a simpler time, when the crew mostly consisted of playing Sumo every weekend?
Created during KAOS' first heyday, the original crewniform rocks ripped jeans and a bomber jacket to keep the Los Santos sun from ruining your expensive tattoos.  This style is insanely customizable, but you'll still look like everyone else.

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The Varsity

Did you peak in school? Do you want to look like you're good at sports?
Varsity jackets have a special way of making everyone look younger, richer, and more athletic than they actually are. This simple style is easy to put together, and the only thing missing is that championship ring you never wear.

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The Biker

Do you want to feel hot... literally?
Nothing says "I'm a badass" quite like wrapping your entire body in leather. Designed to make you look like you'll straight-up murder anyone who looks at you wrong, this outfit is just sexy enough to make the offender enjoy their execution.

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The Preppy

Are you unafraid of stains, or just rich enough to buy new clothes all the time?
Inspired by one of the Cayo Perico heist disguises, this crewniform features a white popped-collar jacket and the crew T-shirt. It's a way to rep the crew that doesn't let you wear the emblem - if you're into that sort of thing. It also lets the cops know that they can't arrest you because both of your parents are lawyers.

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The Operative

Are you a spy, a hitman, or just a young professional who thinks collared shirts are really outdated?
Another option for those who want to go emblem-less, this crewniform will simultaneously make you feel overdressed and underdressed. Use it to blend in among the more refined members of society - at least until you pull out your gun.

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