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Feeling Professional?

Design your Operative Crewniform using these guidelines.

Jacket – Women: Suit Jackets

Slate blazer

Contrast blazer

(Do after shirt)

Jacket – Men: Suit Jackets

White accent sports coat

Black tailored jacket

Black sports coat

(Do after shirt)

Shirt: T-Shirts

Crew tee shirt

Pants – Women: Suit Pants

Midnight slacks

Gray slacks (with Contrast blazer)

Dark slacks

Black suit

Charcoal suit (with Contrast blazer)

Pants – Men: Suit Pants

Black scruffy suit pants

Black pants

Shoes -Women

High Heel Boots:

Black ankle boots


Charcoal round toed

Smart Shoes:

All black oxfords

High Heels:

Crimson rounded heels

Black rounded heels

Charcoal platforms

Gray platforms (with gray pants)

Black strappy

Shoes – Men


Heavy uniform boots

All black ankle boots

All black chelsea boots

Smart Shoes:

Black slip-ons

Cobra slip-ons

Glasses: Aviators

Pewter aviators

Black aviators

Slate aviators

Accessories – Women


Platinum diamond studs

Platinum sun drops

Platinum diamond chains

Platinum waterfalls

Black gold diamond drops

Accessories – Men


Platinum Gem Studs

Platinum Pillow Studs

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