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Crew Forms

Join the Crew

Feel like you have what it takes? Want in on the action? Prospective members can complete this form to request an invitation. New, already-invited members can use it to submit all of their information for display on the Crew Roster.

Existing members: Please do not use this form to update your information. Instead use the form on the roster.

Request an Event

Do you have an itch for something specific? Getting tired of waiting for us to read your mind? Use this form to let us know that you really, really want to play Overtime Rumble and Sumo again. Or, you know, anything else that tickles your fancy. Car meets, casino nights, online jobs - San Andreas is our playground, and we have all the toys.

Make a Complaint

They say snitches get stitches, but how are we supposed to address problems if we don't know about them? Use this form to let us know that someone is being a little more "chaotic" than "seraphim" and we'll see what we can do. Fights, drama, and other unpleasantries have no place in KAOS, and all the crew officers are here to help.

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