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Mission Statement

"We create chaos together and love every second of it."


We strive to build a community in which every member is both wanted and valuable.

We celebrate what makes each of us unique.

We are a team that supports each other, both in-game and out.

We treat each other with kindness and mutual respect.

We set aside our differences to cooperate in establishing a safe space.

We resolve conflict in a quick and friendly manner.

We support each other on both good and bad days.

We offer grace and forgiveness as we navigate the paths of personal growth.

We are here for each other. We are a family.

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Membership Requirements

Crew Members must...

Agree to abide by the Mission Statement and play by the Crew Rules

Receive a recommendation from an existing member OR approval by an officer

Be thirteen years of age or older

Joining the Den of the Dov Discord server is strongly recommended.

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The Rules

"We protecc, we attacc, but most importantly, we have each others' bacc."

  1. Don't mess with crewmates doing missions.

  2. No politics, religion, preaching, or romance.

  3. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

  4. Allow crewmates to join your sessions.

  5. Back up your crewmates when in-game.

  6. Don't start fights if you can't finish them.

  7. Obey team leaders, event hosts and crew staff.

  8. No bullying, harassment, gossip, or hate speech.

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